One of the successful tools for Wild Root safaris trekkers on Kilimanjaro is our own implementations protocol for the health for each climber from what they eat, camping gears and medical support they receive. We take our esteemed clients to the mountain with the full following types of equipment.

  • Summit oxygen- used encase of emergency
  • Professional expedition medical kit
  • Pulse ox meter for blood pressure measure
  • Communication radio walkie talkie during the trek
  • Durable sleeping tents (4 season mountain hard wear 2persons sleeping)
  • Private portable toilet
  • Katadyn for water filtrations during the trek
  • 3inches sleeping bag
  • Back chairs
  • Tables
  • Mess tent


We are the native Tanzania, Kilimanjaro trekking company and our guides have guided thousands of trekkers up to the Kili for a couple of years and providing 98% summit success rate. Both guides have attended (WFR) wilderness first responder course and will always be there for any emergency. We treat well  all our crews and receive good allowance


Our mountain menu for all our climbers is prepared with the balanced diet of fresh fruits, vegetables, plenty of carbohydrates as well as proteins. All meals are selected easily for the body to digest at high altitudes that deliver the necessary energy and nutrition that is required during the trek. We cater to a wide range of varieties of special dietary from vegetarian to raw foods diet. We support and buy all fresh vegetables from the locals who are living on the slope of Mount Meru.


All our trekkers are wakening up in the morning with a cup of tea, chocolate, or coffee before heading to the dining tent for the main course. Lunches are served hot at the lunches stops and we don’t give our trekkers cold lunch pack.