We have a well-coordinated team of locals that are eager to show you around our backyard! Most of our staff was born and raised in Tanzania, and that’s how we can promise you that you will get the most authentic local experience around!

We look forward to spending time with you and creating memories and adventures of a lifetime.



Naomi Mollel was born and raised in Arusha Village, located just a few kilometers from Arusha City. She got both her primary and secondary education in Arusha and also attended the College of Tourism in Arusha. She has worked with various companies in Arusha before joining Wild Root in 2015. 

Naomi’s top priority is making sure all client reservations have been seamlessly booked. She spends her free time teaching and playing with local kids and helping with community projects supported by Wild Root. 



Alphayo Jackson was born a Maasai in the Arusha region, the most famous Maasai region in northern Tanzania.


He started out teaching secondary students at various schools in the Kilimanjaro region including the School of St Jude. Shortly thereafter, he began studying Information Technology at Dar es Salaam Computing centre (UCC) in Arusha. He went on to take various online courses within the Alison Empower Yourself program where he obtained a diploma in Tourism Studies, Human Resource Management, Social Media Marketing, Marketing Management, Digital Marketing, Leadership and Management and Sales.


Alphayo joined Wild Root in 2014 and manages our Marketing strategies and digital platforms.



Raymond Msechu was born and raised in Arusha Town, where he gained his primary and secondary education and later attended the College of Tourism in Arusha, where he learned about hospitality and focused on the  study of local fauna and flora. He often visits locations throughout the Tanzania National Parks system as well as Game Reserves to better familiarize himself with topographies and routes.

He joined Wild Root in 2007 as a Senior Driver Guide. He is the leader of larger groups and also assists other guides when on safari. When traveling with Raymond, you will get the best experience as he knows the area so well. He is the proud father of two children, who both live and study in Arusha Town.



Ombeni was born on the slopes of Mount Meru. He attended various colleges focusing on tourism and hospitality in his home town of Arusha. He worked in the field for a couple of years before becoming a professional Driver Guide. He then joined Wild Root to share his exceptional knowledge of the local land, wildlife and cultural offerings.



Joseph Sikoreiwas born a Maasai in Monduli District, one of the districts still occupied by the Maasai tribe in the northern part of Arusha Region. He graduated from the University of Dar es Salaam holding a degree in BSc (Environment Science and Conservation). He has dedicated his time to working in various community-related projects. He joined Wild Root in 2016 to help the company engage in community projects like health services, water quality, education, environment and other projects that are beneficial to the community. He helps coordinate volunteers from various countries for completion of all types of projects – big and small.



Loiruku Mollel was born a Massai in Longido District,  an area in the Northern Part of the Arusha region still occupied by the Maasai tribe. He graduated from The College of African Wildlife Management & Tourism (MWEKA). He has experience in helping educate communities on the importance of nature and conservation of the environment and wildlife.

Loiruku joined Wild Root to help engage in community projects, such as visiting schools, hospitals and orphanage centers. He has been volunteering with our company as a Field Officer, helping update all activities implemented by Wild Root.



Born on the slopes of Mount Kilimanjaro, Hosea became a professional Mountain Guide after working as a porter and attending mountain training courses in WFR (Wilderness First Responder) and Leadership. He joined Wild Root to help our trekkers achieve their dreams of reaching the highest peak in Africa.



Julius Mollel was born and raised in a village in the Arusha region. He achieved his primary and secondary education in Arusha. He then attended the college of Tourism where he studied the fauna and flora of East Africa and the French language. After completing his tourism studies and guiding skills, he studies first aid courses in Arusha, gaining exceptional skills in mountain sickness treatment.

Climbing Mount Kilimanjaro or Mount Meru with Julius will give you a once-in-a-life time adventure, as he will make sure to make it to the top! He is the father of two children, who both live and study in Arusha.



George Mwita is from the town of Mwanza in Western Tanzania, close to Lake Victoria. He completed both primary and secondary school in Mwanza before he moved to Arusha looking for a better life. He began training himself working as porter on Mount Kilimanjaro where he learned all the routes that make you successful in achieving the summit. He attended the Kilimanjaro Training Guide program, where he became a professional guide.

Mwita spends his free time climbing various mountains in Tanzania, so it’s safe to say that he knows the area well. He is a good singer and oftentimes shows off his skills on Kilimanjaro treks, which guests find quite entertaining. He completed his first aid courses in Arusha,  solidifying his knowledge and guiding skills for climbs like Mount Kilimanjaro. Climbing with Mwita will make sure you make the summit of your mountain trek! He is the father of two children, who both live and study in Arusha.



John Msuya was born and raised in Kilimanjaro region. He received both his primary and secondary education and later attended the College of Tourism, where he studied cooking and baking. He spent time cooking in Moshi as well as Arusha hotels before joined with various tour companies as a safari and Kilimanjaro cook. John joined Wild Root in 2013, providing delicious meals to all of our guests. He is the father of three children, who all live and study in Arusha town.