Booking a trip to Tanzania is possible through out the year as parks in northern part of Tanzania are open even during the rainy season. In the southern part most accommodation like tented camps and air strips are closed.


January is hot and sunny with abundant of wildlife in the central Serengeti known as the Seronera. The wildebeest migration arriving at ndutu area which is the southern plains of the Serengeti


At this time of the year the wildebeest migration will be in ndutu for calving and not only wildebeest you will witness cats like lions, cheetah and even leopards.


In march there will be heavy rain drops and the herds will start leave the ndutu plains


This is the beginning of the rainy season and also the low season in Tanzania. At this time the parks are not busy but there is still a plenty of time for game viewing. The accommodation at this time is low and booking a trip is much cheaper compare to high season.


This is the time of the year and still raining however the parks in the northern remains open as well as selections of tented camps and lodges. You still have a time for the game viewing and the safari booking is still cheaper.


In the beginning of June the rain slowly stopping and the season normally starts and also the migration arrives.


July is the coldest time of the year when the night temperatures drop to 115 degrees depending on which location you are.


The temperature goes up again and its the end of the cold season and the migration will be northern Serengeti.


Its not busy in this time of the year but there is the great opportunity to spot a lot of animals as well as migration crossing mara river at northern Serengeti.


This is the popular month of travelling to Tanzania as the temperatures are cool as well as Zanzibar and Pemba


Its the time of the year where the short rains begins.. You should expect rain during your trip but the rain don’t lasts for long time there fore you will have the time for game viewing too.


This time of the year the migration move via Naabi towards the southern Serengeti known as ndutu area. There is abundant of wildlife around Seronera central Serengeti.