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Want To Fly Africa On Your Next Vacation? Be With Us To Have The Raw Of Africa

Hello friends, have you ever been or heard of an African Safari? Are you an adventure seeker? If you love adventure in Africa the “Wild Root Safari” welcomes you to the most mysterious part of it i.e., East Africa that include some of the most popular and enchanting African nations which dazzle with abundant wildlife, impenetrable forests, planet’s biggest living wonder (Gorillas) and at the top the towering mountains having snow-covered peaks in a tropical region: said to be one of the natural wonders. Countries like Tanzania, Rwanda, Kenya and so on exist in this part of the Dark Continent are wondrously wonderful. We are sure, if once you would step into this land you must be captivated with its captivating beauty that has captivated to millions of travellers over the centuries.

How to Arrive?

Almost all the destinations we cover are easily accessible. The countries have been well connected with the international flights. There are direct and one-stop flights from overseas to Dar-es-Salaam, Kilimanjaro (near Arusha) and Zanzibar Island. Many airlines fly to Kenya and competition is strong, making flights to Nairobi relatively inexpensive. Only there is no direct flight to Rwanda. Only a few African airlines fly commercial flights into Rwanda. So the best way is to fly into the neighbouring East African countries of Uganda, Tanzania or Congo, and then make your way to Rwanda by road.

Destinations You Would Not Miss On Your African Safari

Northern Tanzania:

Go deep into the African wilderness in northern Tanzania by visiting to some of the world famous National Parks, game reserves and conservation areas where the Parks like Serengeti, Ngorongoro Crater, Tarangire and Lake Manyara top the list. All are not millionaires those can choose for the luxury Safari to Tanzania instead of Tanzania Budget Safari. The bewildering beauty and the untamed wild life in vast unfenced parks would take you to a state of excitement where all beauties fade.

Southern Tanzania

Unlike the Northern Africa, the Southern Africa also teems with the wild beasts. The unbeaten natural beauty of this part of Tanzania provides immersion to a closer look of African treasures. Its stunning locations with night camps in Selous Game Reserve, the varied untamed wild life, peace and tranquillity due to thin traffic, and easy accessibility make this part of Tanzania a great destination. Its closeness to the spice island “Zanzibar” is the biggest draw-card of it.


With the stunning Indian Ocean Coast lines, the biggest animal drama in Serengeti –Mara eco-system, Mount Kenya and Kilimanjaro, Kenya Tours is some of the best African Safari experiences. The drive from Nairobi to Mombasa is a long one, but you would get the opportunity to have the up-close view of the real African wilderness and the charming coast lines.


When you think of Rwanda, the endangered mountain Great Apes first come to the mind. Undoubtedly this is the biggest attraction but the scenic view of this land referred as the “Land of a Thousand Hills,” is unparallel. Here each hill is scarred with concentric rows of crops and dotted with ramshackle dwellings. We are offering Rwanda Safaris, Gorilla trekking & Wildlife Tours in Rwanda. Some have rivers running between them, while others create deep valleys suitable for sloppy rice fields. The lush inexperienced valleys and rain forests, the mountainous and volcanic region of the Virungas, the depository that depicts the black chapter of the past creates this country a thriving destination.


Apart from game viewing in most of the thriving National Parks and Game Reserves, mountaineering is an attraction that allures the overseas tourists to the countries like Kenya and Tanzania. The varied landscapes with differential flora, and fauna and the endemic animals with human residents are really some of the unique factors to be explored. The expert guides would lead you to the snow-capped tops where you can relax in peace and tranquillity.

People & culture

Black African culture is most obviously known for its art, dance and music – these have been profoundly influenced by more than two centuries of colonialism. Once arriving in Tanzania or Kenya, you can only feel, how hospitable and inviting these people are? They treat the visitors as their own guests and always remain prepared to help a foreigner at the time of need. Sometimes you may be invited to their traditional festivals. It is always awesome.

The Reasons Why We Are the Best Travel Agency in Tanzania

  We are the locals and keep good knowledge on the site-seeing, culture and traditions of the East African countries that we are covering.

  We have more than 11 years of experience in this hospitality industry.

  All our staff are dedicated and committed to their responsibility.

  We charge very normally and there is no any hidden cost.

  Our strong network with the hoteliers, transfer owners, beach managers, restaurant owners help you to make your tour enthralling and comfortable.

So if you are waiting for a perfect African Holiday, why not to start today to the most thriving African destinations: Tanzania or Kenya? And why not to choose the all time best travelling agency the Wild Root Safari for a proper and perfect exploration of African mysteries?

Just drop us a mail to make your tour to Africa an unforgettable experience. Feel free to contact us for any further information with We are expecting a mail from your behalf, if you like this post.



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