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Tanzania Budget Safari – Tips To Explore The Four Must Visit Places In Tanzania

Every travelling destination in the world offer travelling opportunities for both, haves and have-nots. Since then people have been travelling to Africa as it is their ancestors land. Think of Tanzania Budget Safari today and it is sure if you have strong wish money would not be a hindrance for that.

Tanzania Budget Safari

If you love travelling: you always need not think of luxury travel. If you are running tight with your budget this time and thinking of not to go anywhere, then it is not wise at all. You can manage to travel to your intending destination with whatever budget you do have with you. Do you know: more than 90% of the travellers travel on a budget? It means they concise their travel as per their affordability. Every travelling destination in the world offers the best travelling opportunities. You can travel to any of your intending destination with your family by designing your itinerary in a proper manner. There are various ways to save dollars on an itinerary. For example, if instead of a luxury hotel you can survive with a cheaper guest house or camp or travel in group then you can save a good amount of dollars. And such minimisation of unnecessary expenditure would help you to plan for your intending land.

No one can state the exact era since when Africa has been a hot spot for travelling. The history reveals that the first human left his footprint on this black continent and then various groups spread on the planet. Since then people have been travelling to Africa as it is their ancestors land. And if we believe to this theory of human evolution, then we must stand on a common point that we are related to Africa from pre-historic period. This is why when it comes to find the best African Safari, we think of no other. An unseen force enforces us to plan for one of the most thriving destinations like Tanzania or Kenya.

Don’t let this year to go in vain this time due to the shortage of funds. Because spending some time exclusively with your family after the hectic year’s burden of life is a different experience. The fun and feelings in a foreign land would strengthen your bondage. Think of your Tanzania Safari today and it is sure if you have strong wish money would not be a hindrance for that.

If you don’t have a lot of cash, don’t worry. Tanzania has so much to offer backpackers on a budget. Here are a few hints and tips about cutting costs without cutting your safari, beach and trekking opportunities. Pack your bag with your family today to Dar es Salam and let your kids enjoy a vacation that is unique in the world.

4 Tips That Make Tanzania Safari On Budget:

Tanzania Budget Safari


You can make massive savings on travel if you’re prepared to meet more people into the bargain. Flying in Tanzania is very costly. Instead you can use bus or any other transfer services being offered by both the Govt. and private people. Tanzania has a range of services to choose from. For instance, the Kilimanjaro Express offers low-cost fares, online booking and a comfortable ride – and you get to see the country close up which will enrich your experiences.


No need to stay in a Luxury hotel. Tanzania has a wide range of cheap options to stay starting from guesthouses to bed and breakfast with friendly owners. Now these friendly owners have gone a long way in the field of safety and comfort for the visitors. With delicious meals many of them are providing services like wifi and some even have outdoor pools. Hostels are a cheap option and a good place for the visitors to share their experience with others. It is a good way to enhance the international friendship.


The trick to keeping costs down when eating is to eat local or prepare your own meals. Local specialties are usually tasty, healthy and cheap – just make sure that it’s cooked or, if it’s fruit, you can peel it. Preparing food for own self is the most authentic way to save the dollars.


Don’t go for the expensive National Parks in Tanzania like Serengeti and the Ngorongoro Crater. Always choose for the smaller national parks such as Arusha, Tarangire or Lake Manyara – lesser known beauties: unexplored by many-where you can have more close up views of the wilds. Even you can take a walking Safari in such parks by avoiding the transfer charges of the Safari vehicles which generally charge more to make you travel in the National Park.

4 Must-Visit Places To Explore on Tanzania Budget Safari:

Here is the list of top-rated must-visit places that you will love to explore by booking a Budget Safari In Tanzania:

Mount Kilimanjaro1. Mount Kilimanjaro: Especially those who love adventure plan a Tanzania Trip and what can be more adventurous than standing on Africa’s highest point? So anybody planning for Tanzania includes Mount Kilimanjaro Climbing in their wallet. As a mountain, Kilimanjaro is not harsh and unpleasant. It’s lush panorama, changing eco-zones including flora, fauna and endemic animals, the snow-capped mountain top and most particularly hiking and spending chill nights at camps with the group is awe-fascinating. Don’t miss this. Leave your footprint on its pick to mark a sweet happening of your life.

Serengeti2. Serengeti: The Serengeti National Park is a little bit expensive, but you can be compensated by visiting some other national Parks on its way. The vast Savannah here stages the most spectacular animal show here known as the Annual Migration of beasts – found nowhere in the world. It is awe-inspiring to watch the beasts crossing the Mara River and escaping from the jaws of death. Watching Serengeti on a balloon Safari at the dawn, when the vast kingdom of wildlife is first asleep has no match in the world. This UNESCO World Heritage is a kind of its own.

Ngorongoro3. Ngorongoro: The Ngorongoro crater is a wonderful naturally formed massive crater that has gained a reputation as the world’s largest unbroken caldera. It is believed that the crater holds almost every individual wildlife species found in East Africa. No doubt, you will love this budget safari options to enjoy a guided game drive in a safe and well-maintained safari vehicle.

Arusha4. Arusha: Arusha is one of the biggest cities in northern Tanzania. Located just a short drive from Arusha and Moshi, the Arusha National Park is Tanzania’s most accessible national park and a perfect place for low budget travelling. Home to the world’s largest population of giraffes, you will find flamingos, shaggy waterbucks, migrant waterfowl, acrobatic black-and-white colobus monkey, colorful turacos and more in this park on budget. It is excellent year-round for birding, and for game viewing June to October is the right time.

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