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How To Get A Visa To Explore The Real Tanzania Safari Dream?

Everyone packing for a foreign tour is well aware of the two most essential travelling documents: the Visa and the Passport. Visa is just like an authentic ticket to enter into a foreign land for a specified period and quite is quite flexible. This means in some countries the duration of staying can be extended by applying to the proper authority. Hence Visa is the conditional authorization that reads with the duration of the foreigner’s stay, territory he can travel with dates of entry and exist.

Getting a visa from the concerned authority does not guarantee the permission of entering into a country. Rather the entry permission by an immigration official at the time of actual entry is the most important thing. The immigration officials of every country keep the right to cancel your visa, if found guilty or fabricated. Some countries want exist visa for their own citizens and foreigners while leaving the country. The visas can be obtained through a prior application at the embassy or consulate you want to visit, or in some countries you can be given a visa on arrival. But remember, it is a tough task. Persons unable to visit the embassy to apply for visa in person may take the help of a private visa service specialist: specialized in the issuance of international travel documents.

Tanzania As A Destination:

All most all the airports of both Asia and Europe get excessive tourists to Tanzania in the pick season. Many a international flights from all over the world make non-stop flying to Dar Es Salam or to any other international airports in Tanzania like Kilimanjaro and others. It is because , there is no country in the planet that come up with so many varieties of offerings and the most important is that, every of its offering is unique and world famous. May it be the game drive in Serengeti, or witnessing the biggest annual show played by the wilds in between Serengeti – Mara Eco system, or hiking up the snow capped Kilimanjaro, everything is unique and enthralling.

The Most Important Entry Requirements:


The Embassy or Consulates of Tanzania issue single, double, and multiple entry visas for the tourists and others which remains valid for a period of 6 months from the date of issuance. If in case visa expires before getting utilized, the applicant will have to go for re-applying for a new one.

You are required to apply for the Tanzanian Visa to the Consulate of Tanzania operating in your own country much before flying to Tanzania. The consulate has made some strict guide lines. Make sure that you are providing all the documents required by the consulate for visa processing. After getting the complete application the consulate would mail you back for your signature keeping your personal information safe. After verifying the documents submitted by you in the application, you would be given the visa latest by 5-10 days.

The Required Documents To Attach:

1. A Letter Of Invitation: The sponsor might be a company or an individual would issue a letter of invitation in favour of you describing the purpose of visit, duration and place of staying with contact information in Tanzania.

2. Flight Itinerary From The Airline Or Travel Agency: The computer generated air tickets showing the plan of itinerary of your Tanzania tour need to be submitted to the consulate either by the airline authority or by the travel agency you have booked.

3. Hotel Reservation Confirmation:If staying in various hotels at various places in Tanzania for different tourist activities, then submit the copies of reservation indicating duration of stay with date.

4. Hunting Permit:People going for hunting Safaris need to submit a copy of their hunting permit issued by the Govt. Of Tanzania.

5. Before Applying For Visa Check The Lists:

1. Application Form

2. Cover letter

3. Synopsis or Script

4. Equipment list

5. List of crew members(if any)

6. Make cheques payable to Tanzania Information Services

How To Obtain Visa On Arrival?

If you want to get the visa on arrival, then you would be provided tow copies of visa form when you board the plane. If not , then don’t get worried, at the landing point , on your desire you would be given the visa forms. After arrival go to the international arrival point where you would find the agents sitting behind the desk. Give them the filled up form and cash. You would be told to wait for some time and then you would be asked to show your passport. The visa stamp would be stamped on your passport and then you would be permitted to your destination.

Types Of Tanzanian Visa:

Tourist Visa:

This sort of visa can be issued at any Tanzanian embassy which grants authorization to the tourists to enter into the country through airports and harbour destinations. This visa is issued for a single entry for a period of three months for any activity legally recognised by Tanzanian law.

Business Visa:

Any one travelling Tanzania for the purpose of study or business or making arrangements for investments, such a visa would be absolutely necessary for him. The validity can vary from 1-6 months and the fees for such visas are determined administratively.

Multiple Entry Visa:

Such visas are issued to those intend to visit Tanzania frequently for business or investments. It remains valid from one month to one year.

Transit Visa:

These visas are issued to those want to simple pass through Tanzania from one point to other without visiting the nation. It is a two week visa.

Referral Visa:

Such visas have been specially meant for the citizens of Lebanon, Pakistan, Bangladesh, Nigeria, Somalia and for refugees, stateless people and others. The issuance of this visa requires the special permission from the Director of Immigration Services in Dar es Salaam or the Principal Immigration Officer in Zanzibar.

How Much Does A Tanzania Visa Cost?





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