Start Mount Kilimanjaro Climbing Adventure With The Best Guide

Are you ready to climb the highest freestanding mountain in the world? Mount Kilimanjaro is the premier mountain on the African continent at 5896m. A perfect blend of beauty and beast, Mount Kilimanjaro is a nature’s wonder that examined when it comes to fascinating trekkers to its summit.

Mount Kilimanjaro Climbing is a once in a lifetime opportunity. People travel from all over the world wants to stand on top of the Roof of Africa. Being properly prepared to Climb Mount Kilimanjaro is the key to a successful summit attempt.

If you are super young or extremely old you will unlikely be able to manage with what Kilimanjaro throws at you. Equally, if you are obese or rigorously disabled you can probably add Kilimanjaro in your bucket-list.

Before start planning your Climb Kilimanjaro, choose the best route successfully. The Kilimanjaro Routes includes Machame Rotue, Umbwe Route, Marangu Route and Lemosho Route etc.

Thanks for making an allowance for WILD ROOT SAFARIS for your Kilimanjaro Climb. If you climb with us you are in safe hands: we have helped so many climbers summit successfully.

bike kilimanjaro

Bike Kilimanjaro

The heartbeat of Kilimanjaro is found in the mountain villages that encircle its lower slopes. And there is no…

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mount kilimanjaro
Machame Route kilimanjaro


This 6 days Machame route climbing the highest mountain in Africa mt 5895 above the sea level Our long experienced…

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Umbwe Route kilimanjaro


The Umbwe Route is widely regarded as the hardest trail, a tough vertical slog through the jungle, in places…

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Marangu Route kilimanjaro


Kilimanjaro is the highest mountain in Africa and one of the largest extinct volcanoes (5,895m) It is advisable…

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Lemosho Route kilimanjaro


After breakfast,you drive to the Londorosi Gate for a few minutes registration and other formalities. The 4WD will …

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