Paulo Silwamba

Paulo Silwamba came from South part of Tanzania Sumbawanga Region which is the main region for cultivation. Paul Silwamba attended primary and Secondary Education in his village in Sumbawanga town before left the village to Arusha town seeking for a better life. He started working as porter on Kilimanjaro about 28 years ago before becomes guide in 2004 and leading over 1,369 trekkers to highest top of Africa.

He attended WFR wilderness first responder course as to make sure clients get first aid on Kilimanjaro when they get injured or mountain sickness. Climbing with Paulo Will give you the best experience as well as the assurance of getting to the top of the highest mountain in Africa Kilimanjaro. Don’t worry to tell Paulo how feel when you are on mountain as he always there to help you and you will get to the top of Africa. Paulo is the provider of all Kilimanjaro equipments here at the office as to make sure nothing goes wrong during your trekking. He is the father of three kids who are both studying and living in Arusha.


Julius Mollel

Julius Mollel was born and raised in his village in Arusha region which is the famous town for Tourists as well as the major center for tourism. He gained his primary as well as secondary education in Arusha. He joined with the college of Tourism where he studied fauna and flora of East Africa as well French course. After completing his tourism studies and guiding skills he joined with first aid courses in Arusha and gaining skills in Mountain sickness treatment.

Climbing Kilimanjaro or Mount meru with Julius will give you the real life time adventure as you will make sure you get at the top either Mount meru or Kilimanjaro. He is the Father of two kids who are both studying and living in Arusha.


George Mwita

George Mwita came from Western Tanzania Mwanza town where the Lake Victoria located . He gained both primary and Secondary in Mwanza before moved to Arusha looking for a better life. He began training himself working as porter on Kilimanjaro for couples of years where he learnt all routes that makes you successful get to the summit. He attended Kilimanjaro training guide where he became a professional guide 1o years a go.

Mwita Enjoying his life time climbing the mountains in Tanzania and that gives him a lot of experiencing. He is a good singer on Kilimanjaro when comes the matter of entertaining when clients are staying at the camp or at the last day to say Goodbye. He attended first aid courses in Arusha that gives him good knowledge and guiding skills on Kilimanjaro. Climbing with Mwita will give you the successful making it to the top. He is the father of two kids who are both living and studying in Arusha.